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Keeping up with fast-growing medical technology and accumulation of knowledge is only possible by focusing on each of these urology branches separately and gaining extensive experience. That kind of an experience and focusing offer big advantages especially on evaluation, treatment and following-up of complicated cases.

Our doctors who have extensive experience and knowledge in above mentioned urology sub-branches, provide our patients with the solutions of the most complicated urologic problems within ÜroKlinik.

Our team, in the light of its ‘Human First’ approach, follows the latest scientific studies and performs treatments that require adopting advanced technology. Every week, our urology council meets up in order to consult and decide the best procedure among all possible treatment options for each patient, and inform our patients.

We stand by you throughout diagnosis, treatment and follow-up processes of your urologic diseases in our center which is located in Levent – at the heart of İstanbul.

We perform our surgical treatments in well equipped operating theaters of below mentioned leading healthcare facilities in Turkey:

* Acıbadem Taksim Hospital

* Koç University School of Medicine Hospital

* American Hospital

Urologic Cancer Diseases -Urooncology-

• Prostate Cancer
• Kidney Cancer
• Bladder Cancer
• Testis Cancer

Personal experience more than 1000 cases with
da Vinci Robotic Surgery
more than 1000 cases with Advanced
Laparoscopic Surgery
HIFU -High Intensity Focused
Ultrasound- treatment
Minimally Invasive Focal Treatment for
Prostate Cancer
Nerve-Sparing Prostate & Bladder Cancer
Robotic Surgeries Robotic &
Laparoscopic Partial Nephrectomy
for Kidney Cancer Robotic
& Laparoscopic Nerve-Sparing
RPLND for Testis Cancer

Andrology -Men’s Health- Male Sexual Dysfunction

• Erectile Dysfunction
• Premature ejaculation
• Peyronie’s disease
• Unorgasmic diseases Male Infertility
• Azoospermia (Microscopic TESE) -Sperm freezing
• Varicocele (Microscopic Varicocelectomy) combined
with assessment of Female Sexual Dysfunction
• Painful penetration
• Unorgasmic diseases
• Vulvodynia and vestibulitis
• Vascular impairment Surgeries Penile reconstruction
with vascular patching Penile prosthesis implantation
Microscopic varicocelectomy Microscopic
TESE and MESE Microscopic vaso-vasostomy Puncture Vasectomy

Urinary Stone Disease

Personal experience more than 1000 cases
with Semi-Rigid + Flexible Ureteroscopic -Endoscopic-
Stone Surgery with Holmium Laser Lithotripsy
& Percutaneous Nefrolithotomy • PCNL
– Surgery Meatobolic Analysis for Chronic Urinary Stone Disease for
Metabolic Prophylaxis -Metaphylaxis- urinary stone formation

Pediatric Urology

Pediatric Upper Urinary Tract
• UPJ obstruction
• Neonatal hydronephrosis
• Vesico-ureteral Reflux
• Mega-Ureter Pediatric Congenital Genital Diseases
• Hypospadias
• Epispadias
• Extrophy Vesicale Personal experience more than
1000 cases with Advanced Urethroplasty
& Cryptorchidism Pediatric Uro-Oncology
for Wilm’s Tumor Advanced Pediatric Laparoscopic
& daVinci Robotic Surgery for UPJ obstruction, VUR and Megaureter

Female Urology

• Voiding Dysfunction
• Neurogenic bladder
• Central and peripheral neurological diseases and lower urinary tract dysfunctions
• Complex urodynamic evaluations
• Renal failure and reflux follow-up Female Genital prolapsus and Cyctocele with Robotic & Laparoscopic Pelvic Reparations Vesico-vaginal fistula with Laparoscopic VVF Repair Chronic pelvic pain syndrome with Sacral Neuromodulation with PaceMaker Pudendal neuralgia with Laparoscopic pudendal nerve decompression  as Istanbul Technique

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